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Eccentric Elbow Exercises for Lateral Epicondylitis

Department of Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation

Patient Educational Material & Exercise Instructions

Condition: Lateral Epicondylitis (Tennis Elbow)

Stretching Techniques:

Start any stretching exercises by carefully entering the stretch position and pause at a moderate stretch intensity for about 4 breaths. Relax all muscles as much as you can and concentrate on the muscle being stretched. Carefully increase the stretch while relaxing all non-involved muscle groups. Reach an end position that you can maintain for another 4 or more breaths. Usually it is necessary to repeat each
exercise at least one time. Include flexibility exercises in the weight training program and use breaks between sets to stretch your muscles!

Always remember this principle: The more you relax your body the more you can stretch!

Exercise Regimen :

Repetitions : 10
Sets : 2
Frequency / day : once
Frequency / week : 4-5 times per week
Hold Time during each repetitions: Average of 4-5 secs each repetition. Perform all the exercise

The next five pictures demonstrate the sequence of one exercise. Please follow them step by step. You require a rubber bar for this exercise; and it is available at any leading SPORTS STORE.

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