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January 2014-10th Middle East Orthopaedic Conference – Focus on Shoulder and Upper Extremities

Chairman and Speakers Day 1

Arab Health Day 1 – Focus On Shoulder and Upper Extremities

Dr. William D. Murrell, Chairman of The 10th Middle-East Orthopaedic Conference thanked all of the sponsors and delegates for attending. The day started very strong with a great keynote address from none other but Professor Lennard Funk, Shoulder Doc UK, from Manchester.

He gave a great lecture on Shoulder Instability in Competitive Athletes. Additional lectures from Dr. Nitin Jain-Harvard Shoulder Service, Mr. Ian Bayley-BMI, London, Dr. Shital Parikh from Children’s Cincinnati finishing out the lectures on shoulder instability.

This was followed by a session on rotator cuff, led again by Dr. Nitin Jain talking about the nonoperative care and evidence as well as rehabilitation, then Dr. Guido Marra, Chief Shoulder and Elbow surgery at Northwestern, Chicago, IL, who spoke about corticosteroids and rotator cuff, treatment of full thickness rotator cuff tears was discussed by Professor Lennard Funk.

A session on perioperative complications and treatment was lead by Dr. John Tetzlaff, followed by lectures by Dr. Guido Marra, and Professor Lennard Funk.

Elbow disorders were discussed by a distinguished panel of speakers including Dr. Roger van Riet from Belgium, Dr. Ravi Mittal from AIIMs in India, Dr. Paolo Zuccu from Milan, and Dr. Guido Marra.

The final session featured a fantastic lineup of speakers including Distinguished Professor Alvin Crawford, Crawford Spine Center, Children’s Hospital, Cincinnati, OH, USA, Dr. Jose Manuel Rojo Manaute, Dr. Lucia Heras-Garcia, and Professor Vijay Gawande.

All sessions were followed with robust Q & A, and just the right amount of controversial topics.

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