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Choosing the Right Athletic Shoes

The right pair of athletic shoes can help you move faster, jump higher, go longer, and stay injury free. Learn more about picking the right pair of shoes:

Get Advice From A Professional

Before buying a pair of athletic shoes get some expert advice. Schedule an appointment with a podiatrist or orthopedic surgeon, depending on your past issues and current health. Do you need to compensate for a previous injury? Do you have high arches? Do you put extra pressure on one part of your foot? Are your arches too flat? Do you roll your feet in when you run? Consulting the right expert ahead of time can help you know what to look for when you go shopping.

Remember That One Style Does Not Fit All

One common mistake people make is buying a generic pair of athletic shoes and using those shoes for all physical activities. You should choose specific shoes for specific physical activities. Your feet move differently when you are running than when you are hiking. When you are running, you might want more flexible, lightweight shoes. When you are hiking, stiffer, waterproof shoes may be more important. Relying on a generic pair of cross trainers could leave you vulnerable to injury. It will also mean your shoes wear out much faster.

Test Them Out

When you shop for shoes take some time to test them out.

  • Go for a walk or a jog before trying the shoes on. Your feet will normally swell up a little when you are participating in athletic activities. Walking around before trying on the shoes will help you know how they will fit after you’ve been moving for awhile.

  • Wear the same kind of socks that you’ll normally wear.

  • Lace the shoes up completely so you know exactly how they will fit.

In many ways the right shoes are your foundation when you are participating in sports and other athletic activities. Wearing high quality shoes that fit well and are designed for specific activities will help you stay injury free and get the most out of your workout time.

Visit Dr. William D. Murrell Jr. to learn more about protecting your joints and preventing injuries while participating in sports.

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