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September 2014 – Shoulder pain, injuries, rotator cuff tear, labral tear, frozen shoulder, and plate

Dr. William Murrell visits colleagues at Bespoke Wellness Emirates Golf Club Dubai and shares his experiences on common shoulder pain, injuries, rotator cuff tear, labral tear, frozen shoulder, joint dislocation, management, conservative treatments, x-ray and imaging, Ultrasound guided injections, And controversial topic Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP), Bone Marrow Aspiration Concentration (BMAC). Injections.

Additional Information was presented during the discussion, different published journal articles such as the MOON PROGRAM was discussed.

Bespoke Wellness is a highly specialized organization committed to delivering first class individualized treatment to all. Their team of health experts is headed by Andrew Picken – founder and nutritionist together with Victoria Roper – sports physical therapist, Wendy Smithson – Hons physiotherapist, Reiss Adams – sports therapist, Alan Waltos – physiotherapist, John Baker – physiotherapist, Donna Masing – massage therapist,Emma Thompson – holistic life coach, Polina Spyris – nutritionist.

Cases presented during the discussion:

Case 1 rotator cuff tear

Case 2 was a case of SICK Scapula Syndrome with Posterior Labral Tear

Case 3 was Adhesive Capsulitis or Frozen shoulder in active weekend warrior

Case 4 was Acromioclavicular Joint Dislocation in motor cross rider.

Additional discussion on PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) and BMAC injections for shoulder pain, injuries and problems.

Dr. Bill will be having another set of case presentation that will focus on Knee injuries, knee arthritis, meniscus tear, ACL tear, cartilage injury, rehabilitation, and cutting edge biological treatments such as PRP and Stem Cells.

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