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January 2014- 10th Middle East Orthopaedics Conference

10th Middle East Orthopaedic Conference 2014

Dr. William D. Murrell and Dr. Jonathan Schaffer, Co-Chairmen

Dr. William D. Murrell and Dr. Jonathan Schaffer are chairing the 10th Middle East Orthopaedics Conference Dubai 2014. The conference has three focus areas Shoulder and Upper Extremity that features Prof. Lennard Funk, Hip and Pelvis-featuring Prof. Alvin Crawford, and Foot & Ankle featuring Profs. Sandro Giannini, andNicola Maffuli. The entire schedule can reviewed online: Conference Dubai 2014/Conf9/Overview/

The conference is appropriate for orthopedists, as well as others with interest in musculoskeletal medicine, including physiotherapists, physiatrists, pain management specialists.

A large part of the conference is dedicated preoperative conservative treatment, and post operative rehabilitation, so the content of this years forum will certainly augment most attendees knowledge. The conference is sure to give clinical pearls to attendees that can be implemented in clinical practice.

Dr. William Murrell visited Arthrogen in January, to the village of Rottach-Egerner, Germany and visited Professor Ulrich Schneider, to see the GOLDIC (gold induced cytokines) procedure in action. Hopefully in the future we will be able to utilize this cutting edge solution.

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